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Magazine "Sirp"  Tiiu Levald
"Carmen on Dome Hill"

Lilyan Kaiv seems to have an awe-inspiring energy field and great musical talent; she is an extremely active player, considering today’s culture and funding. She has managed to put together a high-level orchestra, where all the solos are played by talented people. The choir is dominated by the plump sound of female voices, but despite the modesty of male voices, their parts sound manly. This means that the musical instrument created is very flexible.

Lilyan took part in several recent Edition of our Blue Danube Opera Conducting Competition and greatly impressed juri members and her participarting colleaques while advancing to the final round each time.
She demonstrated considerable fluency and skills as a conductor with our orchestras, choirs and vocal soloists.
In all three areas, I rank her as among the most dalented conductors I have seen in 18 years of producing Masterclasses and Competitions for orchestral and operatic conductors.

Anthony Armore / Director & Conductor

Blue Danube Musikimresario  GmbH

"Orchestrating conductor & Musical Excellence"

Blue Danube/Bela Bartok  International Opera Conducting Competition

Misa Tango in Tallinn (Heli Vaus-Tamm)

 You could see and hear the joy emitted from the stage. Both the choirs and the Estonian National Youth Symphony Orchestra successfully tamed the complex rhythm of the piece and the tangoes came to life on stage. The soloists MatiKõrts and MerleSilmato were great matches for their parts, and the conductor Lilyan Kaiv directed the performance with natural ease.

Fascinating Programme from the Pärnu City OrchestradzToomas Velmet Newspaper Sirp

Lilyan Kaiv is a flexible partner for soloists, a feature that I find is important when it comes to assessing the level of a conductor. 

Lilyan Kaiv was my student at the 2019 Dohnányi Academy Masterclass for Conductors in Budapest.
She stood out among the best active patricipants with her astounding suggestive power. She is competent and confident when standing in front of a symphony orchestra. She demonstrated a thorough knowledge and a deep understanding of the musical material she worked on.
She is the best female conductor I ever met in my life.

Gábor Hollerung


managing and music director

of the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra

Liina KüttMagazine Muusika

Lilyan Kaiv is valued by musicians as a meticulous and talented conductor, whose rehearsals have a nice pace and a professional feel
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